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Tag: Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

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    • -One-button operation, second-level atomized steam, dry immediately without leaving watermark
      -140degreeC high temperature steam, easily remove stubborn stains, sterilize and remove mites
      -Multi-angle adjustment of the mop head, the corners and the bottom of the table are more clean
      -Suitable for a variety of floors, wood floor, ceramic tile, marble, composite floor can be cleaned
    • Model No:ULE220615HYLNPF
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    • -A machine with three modes-mites removal, household vacuum cleaner, car vacuum cleaner
      -Ultraviolet light sterilization, the sterilization rate and mite removal rate are as high as 99%
      -HEPA filter cover, filter PM2.5 and other harmful and harmful fine powders above 0.3 microns
      -Three modes, high-frequency dual-fire, 8000 shakes per minute, dust mites can be used wirelessly for up to 25 minutes

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    • Model No:ULE220615RCI83B
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